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Bring Virtual Reality To Your Next Event!

Make your event unforgettable
with cutting-edge VR technology

Perfect for corporate events, weddings, birthday parties,
bar & bat mitzvahs and more!

Find Out How

Get a preview!

Want to see what Mobile VR at your function could look like?

Click on the video for a sneak peek of the exciting experiences and immersive gameplay our VR stations offer.

A unique and unforgettable addition to any event.

Get transported to worlds with your friends, and work together to conquer challenges and create unforgettable memories in REAL-TIME.

Wide range of single and multiplayer experiences available

Play solo and dive into a world of adventure, or team up with a friend to complete a mission together.

Feeling competitive? Go head-to-head with other players in thrilling player-vs-player battles and put your skills to the ultimate test.

More than a dozen games to choose from

Enough choices for everyone to enjoy. Each person can play a different game in their own station.

Suitable for all ages

VR offers a wide range of experiences, from educational and exploratory to action-packed and thrilling, that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or skill level.

Expert staff to guide and assist guests

Our expert staff are passionate about VR and are there to ensure that your guests have the best possible experience throughout their VR adventure, making sure everyone feels comfortable and engaged.

VR Stations for Two to play Simultaneously

For the best possible experience, we offer up to 2 Virtual Reality stations to accommodate multiple players at the same time.

State-of-the-art technology guarantees seamless gameplay and a fully immersive experience!


How many stations do you guys offer?

At the moment, we have 2 stations we can set up at your event.

How long does each person play?

It depends on the size of the event. People can play anywhere from 3-15 minutes each.

Is that enough time to have fun?

Yes, this will blow people’s minds and tease people about the possibilities of virtual reality, making it a memorable addition to the night.

Does it cause motion sickness?

The overwhelming majority of our experiences do not cause motion sickness, but if a guest were to choose something with that possibility we would warn them about it.

Do you have multi-player games/experiences.

Half of our games are available in multiplayer.

How much does it cost?

Fill out the form below for a quote and we’ll get in touch.
Parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, bachelor parties, weddings, staff parties, corporate parties/events, and more.

How much space do I need for this?

Each station requires a 10x15ft area.

What are the requirements to get these stations set up?

Access to an electrical outlet within 100ft.
Access to wi-fi (with no captive portal more info here at this link!)
8ft worth of height clearance.

Do we need a private room for this?

No, you just need space to set up each station.

What areas do you cover?

The greater Vancouver and metro Vancouver area. There is an extra charge to go beyond that area.

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