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If you would like immediate assistance with reservations please call us at (604) 829-2486 where we can confirm availability immediately.

  • We will confirm bookings within business hours. Bookings that have not been confirmed are not guaranteed to be available.
  • **Please be aware one station is equipped with one headset. For a multiplayer experience, we recommend one station per group member.**
  • A maximum of three people can share one station but won’t be able to play together, only watch each other and switch on and off.
  • If you need to change the amount of people, you must call in at least 2 hours ahead of your booking.

*Please note that reserving 5 hours worth of stations or more is subject to a deposit to finalize the booking. We can hold a booking for 48 hours upon request without a deposit. But a deposit must be made to secure the stations within the time frame or else we can no longer save your reservation.*

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