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Level up Your Team!

It starts with change.

You’re back in the office, but still not a team. At work, team-building can be hard, but a simple change in setting + shared activity will get everyone working towards the same goal again!

Find Out How

Team’s that Play Together Stay Together

Activities outside the office have long-lasting effects that keep groups together. So kickstart your team’s journey.

Creating Trust and Confidence in your Team

Even though everyone’s coming in for fun in VR, for teams to actually win, everyone needs to communicate and rely on each other to make it through.

It’s not just about you

Working together on a shared objective teaches groups that they can’t succeed on their own. Each member must play their part in order for the whole team to win.

Identify individual strengths

Working together gives everyone an opportunity to let their unique skills shine through, making them a more valuable members of the team.


How many people can play simultaneously?

10 people can play in VR at the same time, though not all games have support for 10 players. You may be split into 2 or 3 smaller groups depending on what you choose to play.

Does everyone play in the same room?

No each person gets their own room/station. We have 10 rooms total.

Where does everyone else hang out?

There is a lounge area with retro arcade machines with over 600 games to choose from,

Can we bring food and/or liquor?


Yes, you can bring your own food and we’ll get you set up in the lounge area to eat and hang out.


Yes, you’ll need a liquor permit for your event, which we can get on your behalf. It’s $50 for the permit, and $50 extra for each half hour. This allows you to bring your own liquor and we’ll clean up afterwards.

How long can we stay after our session ends?

You’ll have 30 minutes to wrap up in the lounge area before you go.

Do you have parking?

Yes, there’s parking at the back (backstreet in between Broadway and 8th).

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