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Unique & Exciting
Birthday Parties


An unforgettable

With 10 state-of-the-art virtual reality stations, you and
all of your closest friends can immerse yourselves
in a world of gaming fun.

Find Out How

Experience New Realities Together

Get transported to worlds with your friends, and work together to conquer challenges and create unforgettable memories in REAL-TIME!

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Evolve VR Birthday Packages

Free Play Time During Your Birthday Week!

Your FIRST 55 minutes are FREE with the purchase of another 55 minutes for yourself or friends.

Pick from 50+ Games and 10 Escape Rooms

There are enough choices to find a game that everyone will enjoy! And, if you can’t all decide, each person can play a different game at their own station.

Have fun in our lounge.

Our lounge area is where guests can relax, mingle, and enjoy over 600 classic video games on our retro arcade machines while others are loaded into VR.

Celebrate in our Arcade section!

Reserve this exclusive party area for post-playtime fun. You can bring your own food or inquire about our fantastic birthday party packages!

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Evolve VR Birthday Packages

Fun for adults too.

Hang out in the lounge area, and unwind with the rest of the adults in a comfortable atmosphere. A perfect retreat from the chaos of the arcade.

Comfortable seating and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Alcohol for adults is permitted in the lounge – check our FAQs to find out how!

Looking for an even
more exclusive

Book our entire arcade for a private party and, have the place all to yourself!

Our friendly staff will be on hand to assist with anything you need to make sure your SPECIAL DAY is a HIT!


How many people can play simultaneously?

10 people can play in VR at the same time, though not all games have support for 10 players. You may be split into 2 or 3 smaller groups depending on what you choose to play.

Does everyone play in the same room?

No each person gets their own room/station. We have 10 rooms total.

Where does everyone else hang out?

There is a lounge area with retro arcade machines with over 600 games to choose from,

Can we bring food and/or liquor?


Yes, you can bring your own food and we’ll get you set up in the lounge area to eat and hang out.


Yes, you’ll need a liquor permit for your event, which we can get on your behalf. It’s $50 for the permit, and $50 extra for each half hour. This allows you to bring your own liquor and we’ll clean up afterwards.

How long can we stay after our session ends?

You’ll have 30 minutes to wrap up in the lounge area before you go.

Do you have parking?

Yes, there’s parking at the back (backstreet in between Broadway and 8th).

Are there any birthday discounts?

Yes, whoever’s birthday it is, gets their first 55 minutes free as long as another 55 minutes are purchased (for themselves or someone else).

How many people can play at the same time?

We have VR stations for 10 ppl. With some games supporting up to 10 players, as
well as escape rooms where teams can play 5 vs 5. The rest of your group can have
food or drinks in our lobby, with free access to over 600+ retro arcade games.

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