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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I park?

We have free parking at the back of our store in the alley. Just watch out for signs that indicate which are our parking spots! If there are no available spots, there are metered locations on surrounded streets and paid lots underneath Home Depot, London Drugs, Save on Foods etc.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality involves placing the player in an environment and simulating the player’s presence, allowing them to interact with objects in a virtual world.

How does it work?

Similar to a computer or gaming console, a VR headset is connected wirelessly to two hand controllers and a console. Instead of a television, you’re wearing the world you are in.

Is there multiplayer?

Individual players or groups of patrons can join matches of up to 10 players including exciting 5v5 matches. Players can be cooperative or fight against each other while exploring unique and immersive worlds.

What will I expect when I arrive at Evolve Virtual Reality?

Upon arrival you will be greeted by our staff, registered and provided with waivers to sign. A short training session will then commence, after which players can proceed to play any games they like. Staff are present to train, assist in setting up multiplayer games, guide players in choosing what to play and to answer all your questions.

Will I get motion sickness?

Motion sickness is caused when your sense of movement does not match visual input. We reduce this by providing the highest quality hardware that delivers peak refresh rates that provides an experience with no lag or slowdown. Some games do have different movement mechanics like gliding or flying, and this may cause motion sickness. Ask our staff to tell you games to avoid if you are easily prone to motion sickness.

Is Virtual Reality Safe for kids?

There is no evidence that persons or children of any age are adversely affected by wearing a VR headset. That being said, it’s important to note that children under the ages of 5 can have difficulty understanding virtual reality and sometimes have trouble if their heads are too small. Booking during the day will allow our staff to have more time to accommodate you if you bring a young person.

How much does it cost?

$45 for the first 55 minutes per station and $20 per half hour extension.  Call us for more information on our group packages.

How many stations do I need to book?

Each station only has one virtual reality set-up. So if you want to play with you friends or family you need 1 station for each person!

Do I have to book ahead?

It is highly recommended you book in advance. We do allow walk ins but booths are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

What if don’t use every station booked?

If any booked stations are not canceled 48 hours before their scheduled time and go unused, you will be charged $20 per hour and $10 per half-hour for each vacant station.

What if I am late?

That’s okay! Everyone runs a bit late in traffic sometimes, quickly give us a call and notify us how late you’ll be. If we have guests booked afterwards it will cut into your time, but if we have the time after we will make sure youi get your full play-time! Though you can always purchase additional time upon arrival.

Can I wear my glasses?

Yes. The headsets universally fit most eyeglasses, though exceptions occur for large eyewear. If your prescription is less than -3.00, then you shouldn’t require glasses for VR.

I’m not a gamer. Will I still have fun?

There are many options to choose from if shooters are not your thing. There’s plenty of other games to choose. Check out our Games Section to find what other games you can enjoy! There is always something in Virtual Reality for everyone.

It’s difficult for me to stand for long periods. Is this going to be a problem?

Many players choose not to stand for the whole duration of their session. Often players will sit or kneel, sometimes moving or changing position as the situation requires it. You don’t have to be standing the whole time. Each station has commercial grade foam designed for comfort.

Can more than one person use a single station?

Only one HTC Vive can be setup in a single station, but we have seating in the stations. So sit down and enjoy watching your friends play! We highly suggest that one person use single station for the purposes of immersion, but it is still possible to take turns.

We Do Birthday Parties!

We can support parties both large and small, interested? You should be!

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